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Photography is very important to businesses all over the world. In the United States, the market for photography services is worth an estimated $9.8 billion in 2020, despite the ongoing pandemic. There are many ways that photography complements marketing strategies. Businesses hire photographers for both commercial and advertising content. They also use editorial photography for other purposes.

It is important to know the distinction between the various types of photography. Differentiating between commercial photography and advertising photography is particularly important, because the two terms are often erroneously used synonymously.

You can learn more about the differences between advertising photography, commercial photography and editorial photography below. If you are interested in hiring a photographer, this information can also help you choose the area of specialization when exploring photography services.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is used to reach customers that are at the final stage of the buyer decision making process. The customers have almost decided to make the purchase already. The point of commercial photography is to reassure customers that they have made the right decision. The photographer will take high-quality photographs that present the product in the best possible way. The photos may or may not involve a human subject interacting with the product. The purpose is to give the consumer the slight nudge that they need to commit to purchasing the product.

Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is used to engage with customers at the early stages of the consumer decision making process. The consumer has not come close to deciding that they are ready to buy your product over your competitor’s product. They may still not even see the merits of a product in your industry at all. The goal of advertising photography is to get them accustomed to the idea of using your product. Your product will not be the focal point of your pictures. The product might be more of a prop, while the subject and the general setting set the mood of the photo. There are a number of different tactics that can help make advertising photography successful. Some brands use photos of attractive women to help grab the attention of their customers, while others might show a photograph of the product being used to solve a particular challenge.

Editorial Photography

Editorial photography is the use of pictures that supplement content in your website or marketing literature. Editorial photography might involve pictures of a brand’s products. However, some photographs might only be tangentially related to the brother marketing goals of the organization. Some photographs might have relevance to a particular message in a certain context. A multi-page magazine ad promoting a men’s cologne might have pictures of the cologne itself. However, the content might also be supported by pictures of men Interacting with attractive women. A consulting company might have pictures of people driving luxury cars, which helps emphasize the message that their surfaces help businesses become more financially successful.

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